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Omega Connections continuously research, update and follow up on the changes in the targeted market. We collect and evaluate potential opportunities and look carefully for the appropriate platforms and solutions we believe could fit in the respective markets. On the other side, we evaluate and filter the established solutions and products and analyse if they match the actual and future needs. Once we know potential projects and business cases, we contact our existing partners or look for new interested suppliers. We sit together with our partners and start evaluating each opportunity. Equipped with preliminary information from the region, country, sector of the industry, legal and macroeconomic inputs, and a list of potential local partners, if needed, we prepare the next phase of the project elaboration.


A crucial element of success is focusing. Not only because of the susceptible topic of resources but also because of the efficiency and the challenging competitive environment today. We have had many times experience that a slight deviation from the focus results in losing a project. Our focus is strongly related to persistence and the capability to react fast to any changes. Once we had identified a project and agreed with our partner to get the deal, we put all our efforts and resources into this project and followed up on each step and challenge. 


Without carefully elaborated planning before the start of a project and for the whole project cycle, it is almost impossible to have clear visibility of the project in general and each phase from day one. Planning does not mean only efficiency and an accurate overview of the business process; it is indispensable to achieve the goals and deliver what was agreed upon. We combine our business planning knowledge with our partners' plans to get the best results and use our resources effectively.



The ultimate goal in any project and deal is to deliver what was agreed upon. We make sure that at the end of a business, case, opportunity and project, all the involved parties achieve their goal. Customers get the proposed and promised product or solution, and the supplier finalises a successful business deal. Our responsibility is not to end with the handover of the project. We take care of any issue during and after the implementation of any project. Our service as a business development partner remains at the disposition of our customers and partners.


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